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Archive for February 2014

St. Louis Firefighters Receive Award for Saving Pooch Stranded in Ice

The St. Louis Fire Department recently received an award for its valiant efforts to save a stranded pooch that fell into frigid waters January 12. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, named Rescue Squad 1C a winner of the “Compassionate Fire Department Award.” A doberman pinscher named Diablo was playing around the…

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Lab Tops Most Popular Dog List

Dogs are man’s best friend, and turns out the most popular four-legged friend is the Labrador retriever — for the 23rd year in a row. These lovable pups are the longest-running most popular pooches since the American Kennel Club was founded in 1884. Before this year, the poodle reigned superior for 22 years. The Labrador retriever beat golden…

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New Puppy Tracker Gives Owners Peace of Mind

Pooches that have a tendency to run can make their owners uneasy when they are not in a fenced-in area. While electric fences are often a good option for pet owners, a new Bluetooth device may be even more helpful. Puppy, created by Beluvv, can supplement dog training to ensure that pups don’t wander too…

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Tips for a Successful Introduction Between Your Cat and Dog

Pictures of cats and dogs together are some of the cutest around, but how do you get kitten and puppy to get along? Felines and pooches can be great friends, but it may take some time if you aren’t bringing both home on the same day. Unfortunately, upon meeting for the first time, dogs and…

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