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Archive for May 2015

Take Your Dog to Work Day

On Friday, June 26th celebrate the Pet Sitters International (PSI) 17th annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. PSI created this special day to recognize mans best friend and how awesome it is to have a dog as a pet. They hope other co-workers will see pet owners with their furry pups and be encouraged to…

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Fun Activities for Memorial Day Weekend with Your Dog

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day in honor of all our loved ones who have passed away during their service in the U.S. military. Some of us even take the time to honor our four-legged heroes who have stepped out in a war zone for our safety and freedom. Memorial Day Weekend is also the…

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Choosing the Best Name for your Pup

Sometimes the hardest part about adopting a new four-legged family member is deciding on the perfect name. During an introduction, the first thing we learn about someone is their name and that goes for pets too. When people come up to greet your sweet pup, they will ask what his/her name is. It can have…

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Could Dog Kisses Improve Your Health?

Scientists at the University of Arizona say that our pooches wet kisses could actually be good for our health. We know your thinking of all the unsanitary places your dog digs their nose into but these researchers believe that the microbes your dog carries in his/her gut could have a probiotic effect on your body. The live bacteria…

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