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Archive for October 2013

22 Rescued Dogs to Appear on New TV Show

Professional dog trainer Brandon McMillan has trained thousands of dogs in Hollywood for the big screen and commercials, but 22 rescue dogs will be his luckiest pupils to-date. CBS’s new television show “Lucky Dog” will have McMillan visiting shelters where he will rescue, train and place dogs at their forever homes. According to McMillan, the…

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Best Food-Dispensing Toys to Occupy Your Dog

Like humans, dogs can get bored when left at home with nothing to do. If you’ve noticed that your pup’s frustration is being taken out on things like your shoes, the baseboards or your neighbors’ ears, it might be time to invest in some food-dispensing dog toys. There are a variety of them on the…

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How to Crate Train a Puppy at Night

Puppies are a little gift from heaven, but if not properly trained, they can quickly make your life hectic. From eaten shoes and walls to accidents around the house, puppies that are left to their own devices can frequently have a mind of their own. Fortunately, there’s a better way to acclimate them to your…

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The Basics to Doggy Hygiene

You have most likely been taught about personal hygiene since the time you started walking, but when it comes to our four-legged friends it’s a different story. Baxter’s K9 Complex in St. Louis wants to share the important care tips for you owners to keep your dogs happy and healthy. Here we have pinpointed what…

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Tips for Prepping Your Pooch for Boarding

The decision to board your dog can be a hard one for a lot of pet parents. It’s the guilt associated with leaving their pet behind while they travel coupled with the unknown. But boarding can actually be a rewarding experience for your pet, especially if you take the necessary steps to prepare them for…

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