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Archive for January 2015

Why It's Important to Have Your Dog Professionally Trained

We all love our furry-tailed companions and their ability to bring a smile on our faces. Although, dogs can have an innocent but irritating way of following the rules. They learn very differently than us and caring for a them is similar to caring for a small child. When owners try to train their pups…

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Why is my dog's nose dry?

Our dog’s noses are usually known to be cool and moist. If your dog has a dry and warm nose it can be a sign of sickness or a fever. Although, some people say they can be perfectly healthy with a dry nose.  If your dog has a dry nose but is his usual hyper…

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New Year's Resolutions for You & Your Dog

The beginning of a New Year is a fresh start for not only you but your pet. Our four-legged friends may have their own resolutions for 2015 and what better way to reach a goal then by doing it with your pet by your side! Below are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for your…

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