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Archive for June 2014

Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Summer is officially here and the weather can be pretty brutal on your pet. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe, cool, and fun summer vacation. Staying Active We love to take our pups with us on runs. It is an easy way for you and your pet to get exercise, but what happens if…

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Take Your Dog to Work Day June 23rd 2014

Take Your Dog To Work Day Pet Sitters International (PSI) has been celebrating “Take Your Dog to Work Day” since 1999. They created this special day so you could experience the joy of having your furry companion at the workplace. It also encourages employers to support adoptions from their local pet communities, rescue groups, and…

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Separation Tips for a Dog that is left Home Alone

You might have anxiety about leaving your precious pup all by themselves but there is no way we can be by their side all the time. Some people might think that leaving them alone gives them freedom but your pet can also have separation anxiety. Before leaving them alone, here are some tips on how…

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