Take Your Dog to Work Day June 23rd 2014

take your dog to work day st louisTake Your Dog To Work Day

Pet Sitters International (PSI) has been celebrating “Take Your Dog to Work Day” since 1999. They created this special day so you could experience the joy of having your furry companion at the workplace. It also encourages employers to support adoptions from their local pet communities, rescue groups, and humane societies.

If you think bringing along your pup will make your work day go faster then celebrate the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. Make sure to find out if your company is participating in the event and inspire your many co-workers to adopt and support. You can hold contests in office like cutest dog, best costume, or you could even pick up a dog-friendly cake for all the hard working four-legged friends in the office that day.

Pack up your pet and get ready for an exciting day at work on June 23rd.  Also, check out Dog Boarding at K9 Baxters Complex for incredible facilities that will keep your dog entertained on the days you can’t bring them along.