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Archive for September 2013

Study Reveals Dogs Have Empathy for Their Human Companions

According to a new study out of Japan, dogs have empathy for their human companions and can feel it with us when we’re tired. The study shows that when your dog witnesses you yawning, it will feel shared in the pain of your exhaustion and will often respond by yawning simultaneously with you. For people…

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Owners Paying Money for iPad Classes for Dogs

There doesn’t seem to be anything that pet owners won’t do for their beloved four-legged family members, and some owners are now paying money for iPad classes for dogs. Yes, you heard that correctly! According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, a growing group of Americans believe that pet-appropriate apps are worth the time…

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Bring Your Dog to Work at these Pet-Friendly Companies

How many times have you wished that you could load up your pup in the morning and take them to work with you? Studies have shown that pets can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, so it makes sense to have your four-legged friend by your side when you’re tackling the daily grind. In fact, a recent…

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Could Your Dog Be a Blood Donor?

Humans give blood all the time at Red Cross drives around the country, but most people have never thought about their dog as a blood donor. In fact, most people don’t even know it’s an option! But if you think about it, canine blood donors are equally important to their human counterparts and the world…

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