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Archive for April 2015

Keep Your Dog Calm during Thunderstorms

“Thunder phobia” is common in dogs between the ages of two and four. If they don’t overcome their fear of thunderstorms it can only get worse as they grow up. Our April showers have already brought us a few, loud storms that might have freaked out your four-legged pup. When your dog is afraid, he…

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Overcoming Your Childs Fear of Dogs

There are a lot of advantages to adopting a puppy into your family. Children learn responsibility, sympathy, and care-taking skills. Our four-legged friends can bring joy to every family member, which has major health benefits for the future. Although, some children may not warm up to the dog as fast as you hoped. Before adopting…

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Dogs Can Improve the Life of Autistic Children

Having a pet can make a huge difference for children with autism. They have several, unique difficulties they will have to overcome in their day to day lives. Dog’s can improve their social skills and help them better understand their differences. Children with autism learn and see the world differently which is what makes them…

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