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Archive for April 2013

10 Tips for Boarding Your Dog

While pet owners would love to be able to take their pets along on vacation, sometimes, it simply isn’t possible. If your pet is too big to fit underneath the airplane seat in front of you, chances are, you will need to board them the next time you take-off on a trip. While it can be hard…

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Heartworm & Flea Worm Information & Prevention Tips

The rising temperatures in St Louis mean the return of mosquitoes and fleas to the area.  Infected mosquitoes and fleas are the leading cause of heartworms and flea worms in dogs.  You know how it works… insect bites dog, dog gets infected either from the insect bite or the dog biting the insect. With that in mind, Baxter’s K9…

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More and More St. Louis Pet Owners Make Homemade Dog Treats

Reports about pet treat recalls are becoming increasingly frequent, and as such, many St. Louis pet owners have turned to making their own homemade dog treats. From specialized gourmet pet treat makers (Sunbeam makes one that looks like a doggie George Foreman) to silicone pawprint molds that you can both bake and freeze in, creating…

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Reasons Why You Should Discourage Your Pup from Sleeping With You

There’s a reason they call them “puppy-dog eyes.” When your dog approaches your bedside with a silent appeal for a spot next to you, it can be difficult to decline. However, experts say that discouraging your pup from sleeping with you could help you live a healthier life. In a study published by Dr. Bruno…

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New National Center Offers Hope to Dogs Consumed By Fear

There’s nothing worse than a frightened dog that is consumed by its own fear, but the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is out to change that. As part of a two-year research project, the ASPCA is hoping to free pets from fear at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center at St. Hubert’s…

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A Look at Outdoor Off-Leash St. Louis Dog Parks

Spring is just around the corner, so there will be plenty of outdoor fun in store for you and your canine. If you’re looking for a fantastic place where you can let your pooch off the leash so they can run and play with their friends, consider this list of pet- and people-friendly off-leash St.…

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