Reasons Why You Should Discourage Your Pup from Sleeping With You

Reasons why your dog shouldn't sleep with youThere’s a reason they call them “puppy-dog eyes.” When your dog approaches your bedside with a silent appeal for a spot next to you, it can be difficult to decline. However, experts say that discouraging your pup from sleeping with you could help you live a healthier life.

In a study published by Dr. Bruno Chomel, a professor at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and Ben Sun, chief veterinarian for California’s Department of Health, the doctors addressed the reasons why having your pet sleep in bed with you can be dangerous.

Chomel says, “We wanted to raise the attention of people, as sleeping with a pet is becoming quite common, and there are risks associated with it, even if it is not very frequent. But when it occurs, especially in children or immunocompromised people, it can be very severe.”

Cases have been recorded of pet owners contracting the plague, MRSA, meningitis, and septic shock from their four-legged family members, and while these examples are extreme, they are worth knowing about. Fleas are the most common cause of diseases transmitted between pets and humans, so staying on top of your flea control regimen is paramount.

As the weather begins to warm up this spring and summer in St. Louis, be sure you’re treating your pets for fleas. There are monthly topical medications that you can apply, along with steps you can take to rid your home of fleas if you see them on your pet.

Here are some tips to help keep you and your pet healthy:

  • Visit the vet regularly for check-ups

  • Don’t allow your pet to lick any open wounds. If they do, clean them immediately with soap and water.

  • In addition to fleas, your pet should be treated for flatworms and other parasites. Your vet can make a recommendation about what kind of treatment would be best.

  • Discourage young children or people with compromised immune systems from sharing their beds with pets

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