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Archive for June 2015

Tips For Living With Multiple Dogs

We all have busy summers ahead of us, full of activities that unfortunately don’t always include our loving companions. Humans have packed schedules and even though we would love to have our pets by our side all the time, it just cant happen. Our dogs have a natural instinct to be apart of a pack…

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Summer Activities with Your Dog in St. Louis

Kick off the summer with these fun activities listed below! Each event welcomes all pet lovers and some even allow our four-legged companions. Click the links for more information and let us help you complete your summer calendar! Cooking For Man & His Best Friend  Dierberg’s, 1080 Lindemann Rd Visit Des Peres, MO on June 12th from 7pm…

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Purina Pooches in the Ballpark

Our dogs are baseball fans too! On Saturday, June 13th bring your furry friend out to watch the Royals take on the Cardinals at 3:10pm for the 11th Annual Purina Pooches in the Ballpark. Rumor has it there will be loads of pre-game fun and the whole stadium will be full of wagging tails. Fans 16…

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How to Handle a Stray Dog

We all have experienced that terrifying feeling when we think we have lost our tail-wagging companion. Hopefully, your dog was returned to you by another friendly pet owner. We get a pit in our stomachs when we see a dog alone on the streets and since we are pet lovers we cant just ignore it. But…

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