Tips For Living With Multiple Dogs

tips for living with multiple dogsWe all have busy summers ahead of us, full of activities that unfortunately don’t always include our loving companions. Humans have packed schedules and even though we would love to have our pets by our side all the time, it just cant happen. Our dogs have a natural instinct to be apart of a pack and when they are left alone it can cause stress, anxiety and behavioral issues.

Have you ever thought about adopting a new four-legged family member to make for a happier dog? Give your dog the company they need… I mean what could be better than adopting a new pooch! Check out the list of tips below for successfully handling more than one dog.

  • Before you commit, make sure you are fully prepared to add double the work to your daily routine and that you are financially ready. This means extra grooming, exercise, food, bedding, training etc.
  • When choosing a dog it is best to have the opposite sex. They are more successful pairs with better behavior.
  • Be mindful of your dogs feelings and age. If you have an older dog already they may not be fond of the new puppy running around their home. Introduce them outside of the home first and let them get use to each other. Also let the new puppy explore the home without the other dog inside. When they are finally in the house together bring them around each other in a neutral room where the dogs don’t typically hang out. Soon they will be best buds running around and playing together.
  • If your dogs cant seem to get along, ask a professional trainer to observe their behavior.
  • Remember that getting a new dog doesn’t mean that they will take care of each other now. You still have the care-taker title. Before leaving your pets for the day, take them out for a walk/jog. Getting energy out will keep them from getting bored and taking it out on your favorite shoes or having a wrestling match.
  • Both dogs should have the same routine. They should have the same potty breaks, eating time and sleeping schedule so you aren’t running in all different directions.
  • When you come home from a long day away, keep them active before dinner. Play fetch, go for a swim, or keep them occupied with a toy. This way they will be ready for sleep after dinner time.
  • Bond with each of your dogs and never leave the other one out.

If you are thinking about adding a new tail-wagging friend to your family, feel free to ask Baxter’s any questions you have at (636) 939-3000.