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Archive for February 2013

Baxter in the Canine Center's Commercial

Our friends over at the Canine Center invited Baxter and a few Sit Means Sit trained dogs from the St Louis Missouri area to be featured in their TV commercial   The commercial features Baxter in a Mini Cooper with a few of his buddies heading to the Canine Center to pick up some of their favorite…

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Winter Tips to Care for your Dog’s Paws in St. Louis

Baby, it’s cold outside…still! While humans are able to bundle up and protect themselves during the cold winter months, dogs don’t have it so easy. The winter can be especially harsh on your dog’s feet, but more specifically their paw pads. If neglected, it can actually lead to injury, so here are some tips and…

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Baxter on the Outdoor Channel

Watch Baxter Lampert this Sunday at 11am on the Outdoor Channel’s Iron Dog Best of the Best Championships!  Baxter will be competing with some the nation’s top rated dogs in various challenging events.  Check out the Outdoor Channel’s website for additional details.

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Watch Baxter Live! 2013 Bassmaster Classic

Baxter’s K9 Complex invites you to watch Dock Dog World Champion and World Record holder Baxter Lampert compete at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Super Dock Dogs Competition taking place this weekend, February 22 – 24, 2013 in Tulsa, OK.  Bassmaster will streaming the entire Super Docks Competition live on their website -see link below-.  Check…

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All Inclusive Dog Boarding

At Baxter’s K9 Complex, our all inclusive style of dog boarding allows all dogs to have unlimited access and playtime at our 4,000sqft indoor dog park. Unlike other dog boarding facilities in the St Louis, MO area, Baxter’s allows your dog to enjoy their stay!  Instead of being cooped up in a kennel or cage all day, your…

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Dog Training that Works

At Baxter’s K9 Complex, we offer an elite dog training program in St. Louis, MO.  What separates us from the other dog trainers in St. Louis is producing final results that will allow you to have full off leash control of your dog. Full off leash control is not only a benefit you as the owner will…

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