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Archive for November 2014

Dog Pics with Santa in St. Louis

Don’t forget about your pets Christmas list this year! From now until December 15th, the Saint Louis Galleria will host several “Pet Photo Nights” where you can bring your tail-wagging companion to meet Santa at Garden Court. Every Monday evening at 6:00pm, dogs of all sizes can take a photo with the jolly old man…

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5 Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the Thanksgiving holiday is the food. We surround ourselves with loved ones and stuff our faces with delicious homemade meals. But what about our furry, tail-wagging family members that are patiently waiting under the table for Grandpa to drop a piece of turkey? This…

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What is Kennel Cough?

Has your dog been making strange hacking or coughing noises? They may have an affection called the “kennel cough”. Just like us, our pets can be exposed to many different viruses causing irritation in their chest. Dogs catch this cold after inhaling virus particles and bacteria from dust, cigarette smoke and crowded areas. Kennel cough…

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