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Archive for December 2013

Creating a Backyard Dog Pond at Your House

Despite summer being firmly in the rear view mirror, the heat is on in St. Louis! For dog owners, this can be a challenging time since dogs don’t understand why they can no longer spend hours in the yard or go on long walks. If you have a dog who likes the water, however, creating…

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PetSmart's List of Top Holiday Dog Products

The holidays may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that your four-legged family member doesn’t deserve a special treat for minding their manners throughout the holiday season. Plus, now is a fabulous time to stock-up on sale items for next year! PetSmart recently unveiled their list of top holiday dog products that were a…

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Tips For Controlling Pet Behavior During the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing and while you and your family members are reveling in the parties, guests and presents under the tree, it could be causing undue stress on your dog. It’s totally natural for your dog to be nervous and stressed during the holiday season. There are often routine changes and commotion…

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Holiday Gifts That Are Ideal For Dogs

The holidays are upon us, and in the midst of purchasing presents for friends and family members, there’s a good chance you need to pick-up something for your pooch! Since they can’t vocalize what they’d like most, picking out a present for them can be a little more difficult than, say, your 10-year-old child. Here’s…

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Celebrity Dog Trainer Says Any Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Whoever said an old dog can’t learn new tricks would be in strong disagreement with celebrity trainer Babette Haggerty. The dog trainer to Hollywood’s elite recently wrote a new book called ‘‘The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet,” and she maintains that even if your dog knows every trick in the book, there’s still more for them…

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