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Archive for April 2014

Wounded St. Louis Veteran Receives Service Puppy

When he entered Helen Fitzgeralds Grill and Pub, Marine Cpl. Justin McLoud had no idea that he would be going home with a new friend and companion that day. A wounded veteran of Afghanistan, McLoud had only dreamed of the possibility of a service dog. However, when activists Sue McNamara and Nick Hall learned more…

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Tips for Bringing a Dog into a Cat’s Home

In the not-oft contentious world of pet lovers, there remains a debate that has raged on since the beginning of time: dogs or cats? Although this debate can spark an enraged point of view on either side, there are those pet lovers who straddle the line and make their home with both species. Nuclear pet…

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Pets Get Their Own Social Media Platform

It’s no secret that many pet owners love their furbabies like they are their own children, and social media outlets are flush with adorable photos of four-legged friends frockling in the snow or taking a cozy nap. Now pet owners can turn to a new platform designed specifically for pets called   Set up…

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Puppies for Parole Program Continues Its Successful Run

Puppies are giving a group of Missouri prisoners some new hope, and the puppies are getting a new chance at finding a loving home. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, the pooches were rescued from the streets, many of which were living in dangerous conditions before the Puppies for Parole program. On March 19, inmates at…

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