Pets Get Their Own Social Media Platform

paws n post pets social medaiIt’s no secret that many pet owners love their furbabies like they are their own children, and social media outlets are flush with adorable photos of four-legged friends frockling in the snow or taking a cozy nap. Now pet owners can turn to a new platform designed specifically for pets called  

Set up similarly to Facebook, PawsNPost allows pet owners to create free online profiles for their pooches to connect with other like-minded folks and their pets from around the world. Owners can post photos, event updates, videos, create discussions and chat with pet experts.

The network also serves as a meeting ground for pet owners who want to set up play dates with other community members. Exclusive coupons and offers are also posted through the website, which users can share with others.

“PawsNPost is excited to be the top social network for pets alongside other social networks for humans such as Facebook and Twitter,” PawsNPost Founder and CEO Osselyn Oreste, said. “Pet owners have enthusiastically embraced the concept of a pet social network as numerous users are signing up daily. A social network for pet owners is a great way for people worldwide to connect on a subject they truly love.”

Users can also search the social media network for pets based on breed, type, gender or pet owner.

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