10 Tips for Boarding Your Dog

10 Tip For Boarding Your DogWhile pet owners would love to be able to take their pets along on vacation, sometimes, it simply isn’t possible. If your pet is too big to fit underneath the airplane seat in front of you, chances are, you will need to board them the next time you take-off on a trip. While it can be hard to leave them behind, here are 10 tips to keep in mind for boarding your dog!

  1. Tour the Boarding Kennel/Facility: Any reputable dog boarding kennel or facility should allow you to tour their grounds before you make a reservation. If this will give you peace of mind, be sure to schedule a tour before you leave.

  2. Advise the Staff of Any Special Needs: Does your dog have a sensitive tummy? Or does he eat at the same time everyday? It’s important to advise the staff of any special needs your pooch might have. This is especially true if they are on medication or have allergies.

  3. Bring Your Dog’s Own Food: Most boarding facilities encourage this anyway, as introducing a new food to your pet could cause them to feel sick. Package up your dog’s food in portions, put a label on it, and give them the schedule of when your dog eats.

  4. Pack Your Dog’s Favorite Toy: Usually, a boarding facility will permit you to bring a toy or blanket that is your dog’s favorite. This can offer them comfort while you’re away. Be sure you don’t pack anything that’s irreplaceable!

  5. Provide Contact Information: It’s important to give your cell phone number, or the name of a friend or family member in town in case there is an emergency or they have a question about your pet.

  6. Be Mindful of the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Hours: This is especially important for weekends. When you’re making your travel plans, be mindful of the pick-up and drop-off hours so you can plan accordingly.

  7. Make a Quick Exit: This is a lot like dropping off your child on their first day of school: you want to make a quick exit. Hanging around will only make it more stressful on your pup.

  8. Know That Your Dog Will Be Tired: When you return home and pick up your pup, know they will be tired. Chances are, they have been playing with other dogs all day long while you were away, and it’s totally normal for them to sleep for hours on end!

  9. Check-In: Remember that boarding facilities are often busy, and it’s totally okay for you to make a quick call and check-in. Obviously, don’t abuse the privilege. Once or twice per trip is perfectly fine though!

  10. Be Appreciative of the Staff: Remember that the staff stood in as a pet parent while you were away. Make sure you are always respectful and appreciative. Any kind of gratitude will go a long way!

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