Take Your Pup to Lewis and Clark Boathouse & Nature Center in St. Charles

baxter's k9A lot of people are surprised to learn that when Lewis and Clark embarked on their Corps of Discovery Expedition, they took a four-legged friend with them. Seaman, a Newfounland, was the beloved pet of Meriwether Lewis, and he was used to alert the Discovery Team of unexpected guests. Incidentally, it only makes sense that at the Lewis and Clark Boathouse & Nature Center, St. Charles dogs are more than welcome!

Here, you can learn more about the duo’s journey, and see full-scale replicas of the watercraft they used. There is a museum with even more information, and well-behaved dogs are permitted in the museum and on the grounds. It’s an amazing way to spend the day in St. Charles!

Located adjacent to the Missouri River at Bishop’s Landing in charming historic St. Charles, this outstanding educational facility gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the Missouri River Habitats, along with information about Native American history and more. The museum tour is self-guided, making it an ideal outing for you and your dog. You can go at your own pace and use the free informational brochure to learn more about the exhibits and about 18th and 19th century St. Charles.

Outside, you and your dog will delight in the variety of native plants that are displayed in small garden plots. The nature trail snakes around a woodland area, which dogs seem to fancy. What’s more, you might catch a glimpse of some wildlife, as the wetland marsh is home to different animals who will occasionally show their faces. While it depends on the time of year, you might see ducks, geese, herons, deer and other wildlife.

The Lewis and Clark Boathouse & Nature Center is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Adults will pay a $5.00 entrance fee, while children under 17 will pay just $2.00.

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