A Look at Outdoor Off-Leash St. Louis Dog Parks

Dog Parks in St LouisSpring is just around the corner, so there will be plenty of outdoor fun in store for you and your canine. If you’re looking for a fantastic place where you can let your pooch off the leash so they can run and play with their friends, consider this list of pet- and people-friendly off-leash St. Louis dog parks that are conveniently located throughout the city!

Lister Dog Park: Pets love to play off-leash at this fenced St. Louis dog park, which includes mulch ground cover to reduce mud. It makes putting your pooch back in the car a little bit cleaner at the end of a big play session! Lister Dog Park is located at N Taylor Avenue and Olive Street.

Treecourt Swimming Pool: There are numerous swimming pools scattered about the city that cater to humans, but most don’t allow your dog to take a dip. Enter Treecourt Swimming Pool! This unique dog park is private, and for $30 per month or $300 per year, your dog can swim until they can’t swim anymore. The owner temperament tests all of the dogs before issuing membership, so you can rest assured that all members are cordial. In addition to the pool, this dog park offers a huge, fenced space and water. It’s the perfect place on a warm St. Louis day! The first visit is always free, and Treecourt Swimming Pool is located at 2499 Marshall Road.

John and Lucille Wendling Soulard Dog Park: Located at Emmet Street and S 10th, the John and Lucille Wendling Soulard Dog Park offers excellent dog-friendly amenities. Right now, two fenced areas are situated on ¾ acre, so there’s plenty of room for your dogs to run. The dog park offers water, furniture, waste receptacles, and it’s also due to expand. This year, two additional fenced parcels are being added, bringing the total acreage to the park to 1.5. Additionally, it’s located in a neighborhood that is packed with dog-friendly businesses, so you can make a day of it!

DuSable Dog Park in St Charles County:  A 2.5 acre off-leash dog park located in St Charles, MO, DuSable is a perfect place for your canine companion to get out and play.  DuSable is divided into three sections – large dogs, small dogs, and a reservable pavilion – making it a friendly park for dogs of all breeds and sizes.   DuSable is located at 2301 N Main St in St Charles MO.

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