Keep Your Dog Calm during Thunderstorms

keep your dog calm during thunderstorms“Thunder phobia” is common in dogs between the ages of two and four. If they don’t overcome their fear of thunderstorms it can only get worse as they grow up. Our April showers have already brought us a few, loud storms that might have freaked out your four-legged pup. When your dog is afraid, he  might hide from you, whine, slobber, scratch or tear down your living room curtains. Sadly, our summer isn’t only bright and sunny so be more prepared this season. Follow the tips below on how to keep your pup calm the next time a thunderstorm strikes.

  • The loud noises and flashing lights from storms can give your dog a lot of anxiety. Some say that dogs have certain sensitivities to storms that makes them seen even more terrifying. For example, the change in air pressure or low rumblings that humans can hear as well. Its important to remember that your dog isn’t misbehaving. Do not scorn them for being scared.
  • Close all your windows, blinds and curtains.
  • They should have a safe place provided for them. You could use their crate and cover it with a blanket so they have a comfortable sanctuary. Make sure you leave the door open.
  • Play relaxing music to cover up thunder.
  • Stay by your dogs side.
  • To distract them from the weather, give them treats or play their favorite games.
  • For dogs especially disturbed by the sound, download an app that has a thunderstorm sound and play it to them quietly. Give them treats and play around with them while its playing and slowly increase the sound. When the next thunderstorm hits, he will hopefully relate it to fun times with you.
  • Visit your veterinarian because they will be able to tell exactly what bothers them about thunderstorms. If the situation is severe, they might recommend a medication.

If you have any helpful tips that have calmed your dog during a storm, share them with us on our Facebook wall!