Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

summer safety tips for your dogSummer is officially here and the weather can be pretty brutal on your pet. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe, cool, and fun summer vacation.

Staying Active

We love to take our pups with us on runs. It is an easy way for you and your pet to get exercise, but what happens if the summer heat gets too intense for the both of you? These tips will allow you to continue your special time together, while staying cool.

  1. Waking up a little earlier to take your dog on a run/walk will benefit you both. The mornings are a perfect time for you to beat the heat. If you aren’t a morning person and your summer vacation is for sleeping in, you could also exercise when the sun starts to go down in the evening.
  2. Bring along a cool, fresh water bottle for you both.
  3. Take plenty of breaks and let your dog rest in the shade for a while.
  4. Don’t forget your dogs don’t wear shoes like you do! Make sure your not running on asphalt or something that could burn their paws.
  5. Pay attention to your dogs panting, breathing, and drooling during your run. Some dogs will want to keep going without realizing they are overheating or dehydrated. Short-faced dogs have a harder time in the heat than longer-faced dogs.

Under Water Precautions

Dogs want to enjoy all the summer activities as much as we do. Some dogs wont go near the pool but others will dive right in, even if they don’t know how to swim.

When you’re introducing your pup to water, start out at the shallow end. Try to encourage them in but stay by the ladder or steps. Once they feel the cool water against their fur, they will quickly catch on to paddling. Hold them up to help them float so they learn to keep their head above the water.

After they get the hang of it remember not to leave them alone by the water, keep an eye out so they don’t tire themselves out without realizing and it’s never a good idea to toss them in the water.

Summer Vacation

Traveling by air can be complicated. A lot of airlines wont ship your dog because of the hot weather. If you do go through with it, travel in early mornings or late evenings and keep an icepack and water bottle in their crate.

When you travel in vehicles, you can also keep an ice pack and water bottle in their crate. Put shade over the windows and keep the AC running. You shouldn’t ever leave your pet alone in the car or RV; the warm temperatures could cause a heat stroke without you knowing.

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