Separation Tips for a Dog that is left Home Alone

separation-tips-for-a-dog-that-is-home-aloneYou might have anxiety about leaving your precious pup all by themselves but there is no way we can be by their side all the time. Some people might think that leaving them alone gives them freedom but your pet can also have separation anxiety. Before leaving them alone, here are some tips on how to ease the anxiety and keep their day fun without you.


Before leaving the house, give your dog some exercise. Take them for a walk, run, or play a game in the backyard. This will get some of their energy out, that way you won’t come home to a torn up house. Hopefully, your dog will be so tired from the events this morning that he will fall right to sleep, giving you a perfect time to sneak out of the house. Some pet owners will adopt a second dog because they think they can keep them both from being lonely. This could either be a smart idea or a huge mess. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian about how your current dog would react to a new family member. If you don’t have a puppy yet, make sure you consider your schedule and how much you’ll be away from them. Older dogs might be your matches because they are usually calmer and already housebroken.


Make sure you have plenty of toys to keep your dog entertained while away. If he/she gets sick of being alone in the house, you could come home to ripped couches or torn up shoes. Their favorite toy can end up being a distraction all day. It is best not to give them toys with treats in them because once they succeed, they will move on to the next best thing. It is best not to leave your dog outside even if you have a tall enough fence. They can become vulnerable to people walking by, especially since they are aware that you’re not in the house. They will either be barking at every squirrel that runs by or waiting by the back door for you all day.

Babysitters and Dog Walkers

Some of us can’t afford to send our dog to daycare and we would rather know that our pup is safe at home. Try to find a neighbor or a dog walker who could come over and take your dog outside and play with them for a while. Even though many dogs can hold it, you also risk coming home to a mess on the floor or worse urinary tract infections. A dog walker gives them a chance to go while you are gone.

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