Choosing the Best Name for your Pup

choosing the best name for your dogSometimes the hardest part about adopting a new four-legged family member is deciding on the perfect name. During an introduction, the first thing we learn about someone is their name and that goes for pets too. When people come up to greet your sweet pup, they will ask what his/her name is. It can have a lot of influence on their impression of your pet. For example, after learning that your pups name is “vicious”, people might hesitate petting them but if their name was “sugar”, they would have a more loving reaction. Below are a few tips for naming your companion!

  • What have you noticed about your pup’s personality so far? Sometimes things that they enjoy doing or something that they are good at help with picking out the perfect name. For example, if they are good at running you could name them “Miles” or if they have a serious attitude go with “Coach”.
  • We can easily find names we like in our favorite books, movies or shows. Look up the names of celebrities or characters and see if any of them fit the part.
  • Research your puppies past. Their breed or origin could reveal some unique names.
  • Don’t pick a name that is similar to other family members because it can get confusing.
  • Make sure you choose a name that rolls off the tongue easily. You don’t want anything too long or complicated because you will be saying it often.
  • You should choose one with two syllables. Most commands are one syllable like sit, drop, fetch etc. When you start teaching them the rules it will be easier for them to learn the difference between their name and a command.
  • Once you have decided on their name, its important that you don’t call them by it when you are disciplining. Only call them by their name when you are awarding or praising them. This way when you call them by their name they will always remember it being a good thing. If they associate it with getting punished, they might run away from you when you call their name.

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