Take Your Dog to Work Day

take your dog to work day 2015On Friday, June 26th celebrate the Pet Sitters International (PSI) 17th annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. PSI created this special day to recognize mans best friend and how awesome it is to have a dog as a pet. They hope other co-workers will see pet owners with their furry pups and be encouraged to adopt one of their own. Your regular work day will fly by with your tail-wagging companion by your side.

Don’t forget to ask your bosses permission before the event. If they need some convincing, it might help to add that the entire week (June 22-26) is PSI’s “Take Your Pet Work Week” so even cat lovers are included! Unfortunately, we cant take our fun loving pups with us everyday. Check out our Dog Day Care to keep them safe and occupied while you are away.

If you participated in PSI’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, share a photo of you and your pet on our Facebook wall.