St. Louis Firefighters Receive Award for Saving Pooch Stranded in Ice

st louis firefighter saves dog baxtersThe St. Louis Fire Department recently received an award for its valiant efforts to save a stranded pooch that fell into frigid waters January 12. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, named Rescue Squad 1C a winner of the “Compassionate Fire Department Award.”

A doberman pinscher named Diablo was playing around the lake in O’Fallon park that afternoon when he chased a goose onto the ice and fell through. Owner Jason Newsome immediately called the fire department, but the dog was in the icy waters for about 25 minutes. The dog was rolling over and submerging during the rescue mission firefighter Stan Baynes told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Baynes and Demetris Alfred completed the mission and both received praise for their bravery.

The crew had to trek across unstable ice to the unfrozen center of the pond to rescue the dog. They used a ladder to help drag the pooch to safety on stable and warm ground.

The crew was able to get the pooch out of the water safely in the nick of time and his owner wrapped him up in a blanket to keep warm. Diablo was taken to a local veterinarian where they said the pup was going to be OK.

“The compassion and heroism shown by the St. Louis Fire Department rescue team will inspire others to come to the aid of animals in need,” executive vice president of PETA Tracy Reiman, said.

The fire department will be awarded with a letter from the organization as well as a box of chocolates for the entire crew to enjoy.

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