New Puppy Tracker Gives Owners Peace of Mind

puppy tracker gives piece of mind basters k9 complexPooches that have a tendency to run can make their owners uneasy when they are not in a fenced-in area. While electric fences are often a good option for pet owners, a new Bluetooth device may be even more helpful. Puppy, created by Beluvv, can supplement dog training to ensure that pups don’t wander too far when chasing squirrels or sniffing around.

The Puppy features no GPS so the battery can last up to a year and the device is small enough to fit into a pouch that goes around the pup’s collar. At the same rate, by using Bluetooth technology, the device is affordable at $29.95.

Owners use the Puppy app to adjust the range in which the dog can roam free and users will be alerted when their pet is nearing that boundary. The app also allows owners to invite friends and family members so it’s easy to know where the dog is, and it can be used to find stolen or missing dogs in the area.

The map shows the last place the dog was seen so everyone can help when Fido has run away, because have a community of people looking for a dog is much better than relying on paper flyers. The Bluetooth technology alerts friends and family members when the pooch enters the range of other devices so owners can quickly get to the location puppy was last seen.

The Puppy’s set distribution date is February 21 but interested pet owners can pre-order the device.

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