Tips for a Successful Introduction Between Your Cat and Dog

how to introduce your cat and dogPictures of cats and dogs together are some of the cutest around, but how do you get kitten and puppy to get along? Felines and pooches can be great friends, but it may take some time if you aren’t bringing both home on the same day. Unfortunately, upon meeting for the first time, dogs and cats may not react to one another similarly: Cats have an innate sense to be defensive while dogs are predatory. Follow these simple tips for a safe and happy ‘hello’ between your cat and dog.

Train: Teach your dog a some obedience skills, like “leave it,” before the initial introduction to ensure you have control over the dog if there is too much excitement or tension. If your dog is prone to jumping or other similar behaviors, consider going for a walk or run before the meeting to burn off some energy.

Plan appropriately: Set up the situation so that your cat isn’t pressured or forced. Begin by seeing how your cat reacts to the sight of the dog. If the kitten runs away and hides, it may not be time for them to be friends, but if your cat seems excited about meeting the dog just go with it! Just make sure your cat’s claws are clipped beforehand so the dog cannot get injured during the meeting.

Ease into it: While the animals are still getting used to one another, keeping them at a distance from one another is best. Have your dog on a loose leash, if necessary, and separate the animals in different rooms when you are not home. It’s likely that they will get along but only time will tell.

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