Lab Tops Most Popular Dog List

lab americas most popular dogDogs are man’s best friend, and turns out the most popular four-legged friend is the Labrador retriever — for the 23rd year in a row. These lovable pups are the longest-running most popular pooches since the American Kennel Club was founded in 1884. Before this year, the poodle reigned superior for 22 years.

The Labrador retriever beat golden retrievers, beagles, bulldogs and German shepherds for the top spot. Labs are incredibly affectionate dogs and are highly trainable, making them a worthy companion for everyone — young and old. The breed was developed to fetch game, but it has quickly adopted new roles, including therapy dog, search-and-rescue and competitor. Even nursing homes will have an on-site Lab for patients. These pooches are incredibly versatile.

“It does so many different things really well – it excels as a family companion, it’s an awesome hunting dog, and it also has a great presence as a service and law-enforcement search-and-rescue dog,” Lisa Peterson, AKC spokeswoman, said.

Other breeds ranked in the top 10 include Rottweilers, daschunds, terriers and boxers. The breed making the biggest splash this year is the French bulldog. These lovable and goofy pups are easy to take care of and are ideal for both large and small homes. The Frenchie was ranked 58th in 2002, 14th last year and 11th this past year.

“They have so many funny and endearing qualities,” breeder Gale Golden, said. “A Frenchie is everyone’s friend.”

The site did not specify what type of Labrador is most popular, but it’s safe to say that they all maintain a wonderful personality.

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