St. Louis Area Dog Saves Girls Life

st louis area dog saves lifeIn Wentzville, MO, an 11-year-old girl is thanking Baily, her yellow Labrador retriever for saving her life. After going to bed Monday night, Danielle Davenport had a seizure and because none of her family was awake to realize, the dog took action. Danielle’s 12-year-old sister, Kaitlyn, said the dog repeatedly bumped her until she awoke and heard her older sister’s gurgling noises from the other room. Kaitlyn immediately called an ambulance. Danielle was taken in for treatment and the family is still waiting on the results of what caused this. Her neurologist recommended that Baily sleeps in her room for the rest of the time period, just as a precaution.

Our dogs don’t only provide us with comfort, they are also protecting us everyday, make sure you thank your four-legged hero’s today for all they do for us.

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