A Rescue to Remember

a rescue to remember st louisThe Humane Society of Missouri made a name for themselves five years ago this month, now they are better known as the Missouri 500. They rescued 500 dogs that were constantly fighting for their lives. Sadly, not all of the 500 dogs made it but the 247 who did are out making memories of their own. They were adopted into loving homes with caring families all across the country. Some of them even became service dogs after long hours of physical care and socializing.

Debbie Hill says the dogfighting world is just a way of asking for other crimes to happen. She is the Humane Society of Missouri’s vice president of operations. She says that there is no reason why these people should have these dogs; she thinks they just use them to make money off of. The Humane Society even teamed up with the FBI and soon enough there were 35 federal and 34 state convictions.