Picking the Perfect Dog-Friendly Restaurant in St. Louis

Dog Friendly Restaurants in St Louis MOUnfortunately, you can’t leash up your dog and stroll into just any restaurant. Most restaurants don’t permit pets inside unless they are service animals, and surprisingly, a lot of restaurants don’t allow them on patios either. The good news is this: There are 22 restaurants in Saint Louis that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. If you’re planning on taking your four-legged friend to lunch, this list should assist you with picking the perfect place!

Luvy Duvy’s Cafe: This restaurant couldn’t be more dog-friendly. In fact, each of the outdoor tables offers a dog bowl, so it’s almost as if they were expecting you and your dog from the get-go!

Boathouse Forest Park: Maybe it’s your dog’s birthday, and you’re hoping to plan a special day. You’ve found it at the Boathouse Forest Park! Here, a restaurant serves up typical American dishes and there is seating for your pup, but the attached boating facility will rent you a pet-friendly paddleboat. Load up your dog, and take a cruise on the lake after lunch!

The Filling Station: What’s in a name? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory that you’ll get a great meal at The Filling Station, and you’ll also leave with a full belly. But you can also bring your pup, and if they’re social, they will love the restaurant’s resident bulldog who is happy to share her space.

Murdoch Perk: If you’re on the hunt for a breakfast place that has seating for your dog, Murdoch Perk is the place to go. There’s no doubt your dog will be begging for a bite of the waffles with crispy bacon, but whether or not you choose to share is up to you.

Local Harvest Cafe: For environmentally-friendly fare, Local Harvest Cafe has the market cornered. Here, they serve a variety of organic food, but best of all, there is plenty of pet-friendly seating.

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