Keeping Your Dog Active in Cold Weather

keeping your dog active in cold weatherDuring the winter, we spend limited time outside with our dogs. They need exercise daily and because of the cold temperatures, your pets time to run around gets cut short and they get barely any activity. When your dog starts to get cabin fever they might start acting out by barking, chewing, playing rough or they could become stressed and overweight. To keep your pup healthy, you should ask your veterinarian about how often your pet needs exercise. Below are a few tips on how to keep your dog active in the cold weather.

  • Indoor Activities: There are plenty of different games you can play around the house with your pup. If you have a long hallway you can clear it out and play tug-of-war down it. If you have a stairway you can play fetch up to them. You could also play hide-and-seek by hiding treats around the house that your dog could sniff out and follow you too.
  • Indoor options away from home: Find out where your nearest pet spa, heated indoor dog pools, exercise classes, and indoor parks are. These are easy ways you can get your dog moving in the winter.
  • Outdoors: When its time for both of you to brave the cold outdoors, try and make it as fun as possible. Switch up your location and take them to your local park or nature trail. Changes in their scenery will excite them. Find ways to make your own back yard entertaining. Design an obstacle course with their doggy toys and bring a few treats to help keep a positive outlook on the cold weather.
  • Safety: It is important that while you are outside, you remember a few safety tips for your pup. There is a possibility that it could be too cold for your dog. If the weather is too harsh for you, it is most likely the same for your dog. Watch for signs of shaking, whining or repeatedly trying to come back inside. You may think its silly but it is best you find a coat for your dog during these weather conditions, especially with short-haired pups. Their fur alone cannot protect them. It is also a good idea for you to find some doggie booties.The salt they use to melt the ice can be extremely dangerous to their paws.  These protect them from blisters, cracks, and drying out. It also prevents them from licking their paws afterwards and ingesting harsh chemicals from the salt.

If you have any questions concerning your dogs physical activity this winter, give us a call at (636) 939-3000.