Dog Park Coming to St. Louis County

new dog park coming to queeny st louis county parkPup owners in the St. Louis area many have a new place to take their four-legged friends, as a dog park has been planned for Queeny Park in west St. Louis County. The St. Louis County Parks Department announced its plans at a meeting March 3. As of now, the park will be located on the south side of the Museum of the Dog and it will be the first one in an unincorporated spot. Voter approval of the park allowed for $250,000 to build it.

The department announced the plans during a meeting at Museum of the Dog, attended by local pet owners and some of their pooches. Residents who attended were overwhelmingly in favor of the new park, which would allow pups to run around leash-free as long as owners had a leash with them. Locals also offered their opinions on rules and regulations that could be set in place.

The park would use roughly 6.13 acres for larger dogs and a 0.78-acre area for dogs under 30 pounds. The park would include a Frisbee playing area, water fountains, a small pond, trails, benches and space for pooches to run around.

“I think it’s going to be good,” Maryellen Davies, who works with the nonprofit St. Louis All Dogs, said. “Dogs need exercise off leash, and they need it in a safe environment.”

The district said the park would charge an annual fee of $50 for each dog owner, and an extra $15 for each additional dog up to three. Dogs would need to be vaccinated for rabies and one resident suggested that unneutered male dogs not be allowed.

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