Baxter’s K9 Complex Featured On Fox News in St. Louis

A few years back, Baxter’s K9 Complex was featured on Fox News when the news channel elected to cover the indoor dog parks and doggy daycare facilities in St. Louis. The high-energy interview highlighted the services offered and showcased some of the dogs in action.

During the summer when the mercury rises, it can be difficult to find a place to exercise your dog. For many dogs, it’s simply too hot outdoors to go for a walk, let alone to play at an outdoor dog park. At Baxter’s K9 Complex, dogs are given free-reign over the 4,000-square-foot facility. It was completely designed with energy in mind, and is the perfect way to tire your dog out in a monitored and safe environment.

The facility is broken up into two play areas, one for high-energy pups, and one for moderate play. There are also designated rest areas so dogs can take a break when they need one. The entire activity area is filled with ramps, jumps, tunnels and toys so your dog can find something that entertains them.

Additionally, Baxter’s K9 Complex features wall-to-wall rubber flooring that is designed to be less slippery. It’s a safer and cleaner alternative to concrete, tile or vinyl flooring. When your dog gets the urge to go outside during the day, there is an outdoor dog run that offers green, canine grass. It’s a grass alternative that has the look and feel of regular grass, but it’s mud free and doesn’t get hot like outdoor concrete can during the summer. Both the K9 rubber flooring and K9 Grass are sanitized daily.

The staff here is second-to-none, and in addition to participating in the play time with the dogs, they are skilled at attending to special needs, cleaning up any messes, and breaking up any canine disagreements. Dogs who attend daycare can also take advantage of more advance behavioral training should they need it.

If you’re looking for a home away from home for your dog in St. Louis, please contact us. We’d love to offer your pooch a first-class daycare experience! Baxter’s K9 Complex is located just off the Page Extension (MO-364), just five minutes from 270 and Page Avenue!