5 Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Dog

5-ways-to-celebrate-spring-with-your-dogSpring is just around the corner and it’s time to get rid of that cabin fever! Get outside and play with your four-legged friend. Listed below are five ways to celebrate the upcoming season.

  1. Head outside, let them stretch their legs and practice some old tricks in the back yard! Dust off their toys, frisbees and tennis balls from last year and play fetch! They will love to run around with you after such a long winter.
  2. If its warm enough, let them play around in the sprinkler or hose. This is especially helpful for dogs who could use a bath. They will love chasing the water while getting squeaky clean. Make sure the setting on the hose is set to a gentle sprayer that way it isn’t too hard on their sensitive areas.
  3. Visit a park with a huge open area for your dog to run free. Some parks provide fenced in areas just for dogs so you can let them enjoy the new atmosphere after being cooped up all winter. They might even have trails you can explore or rivers to splash around in.
  4. Create an agility course in your back yard! You can get creative with hula-hoops, lawn furniture, benches, bed sheets and more! Your pup will have a blast jumping through all of the obstacles while breathing in the fresh air.
  5. The blooming season also means it is time for spring cleaning. Before you give away those old clothes in the back of your closet, think about what your pup could play around with! Your t-shirts and sweat pants may make great tug-a-war toys.

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