National Dog Day 2014

national dog day 2014 baxtersOur furry companions are always there to show us unconditional love and support. They have a remarkable way of sensing how we are feeling. If you had a bad day, who is patiently waiting at your front door? If you are sick, who is cuddling next to you providing wet kisses? It is about time we give a huge thank you to our pups. But how do we show more appreciation than we already do? Spend the entire day celebrating your dog on August 26, 2014, National Dog Day. This special day was created to honor dogs and all they do to touch our lives. Do you have the best four-legged friend anyone could ask for? Get ready to shout it from the woof tops! Below are 10 ways you can celebrate National Dog Day.

  1. Throw a dog party for all your friends and their pets.
  2. Take a trip to your dog’s favorite place.
  3. Buy your dog, exciting new toys and leashes.
  4. Play dress up for a photo contest or have a photo shoot.
  5. Try new tricks together.
  6. Get some exercise at a dog play area.
  7. Have a spa day, get your dog a massage or groomed.
  8. Donate/volunteer at your nearest animal shelter.
  9. Order delicious dog treats.
  10. If you don’t have a dog you can celebrate by offering to walk someone’s dog that may not be able to get out of the house much.

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