happy halloween battersHappy Halloween to all pet owners and your furry friends! The spooky holiday is just around the corner. It’s time for candy, creepy decorations, haunted houses, and most importantly fun costumes. Don’t forget to prepare your pet for these celebrations and go over the safety tips. Make sure your four-legged friend stays away from the candy and festive plants. Dress them in a comfortable costume that won’t harm them or irritate them in any way. How will they react to trick-or-treaters? Are there Halloween parties your attending that doesn’t allow pets? If you’re worried about your pup, try checking out a doggie daycare for the night. This way you can enjoy the holiday without worrying about your pet. If your friendly pup loves Halloween just as much as we do, seek out a pet party that will show off their costume and get their tails wagging!

Stay safe and enjoy your holiday!

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