Why you should train your dogHaving your dog trained is not only something that should be done for competition or show dogs, but for the benefit of all dogs and their owners.  Trained dogs and their owners are generally more satisfied than untrained dogs and their owners.  Below is a list of reasons why your should have your dog trained.

Why dog owners should have their dog trained:

  1. Spending Time with Your Dog:  Training a dog requires commitment from the dog and the owner.  While training your dog the two of you will spend quality time together that both will appreciate.  Once training is complete, the owner and the dog will feel more comfortable with each other’s presence… meaning the owner will feel comfortable having their dog in any environment.  Since the owner feels comfortable with their dog in any environment, the owner is more likely to bring their dog with them whereas dog who has not been trained would have to stay home or in a cage.
  2. Eliminates Owner Stress:  An untrained dog can be an overwhelming emotional detriment to their owners.  Owners who have to think, “What am I going to do with this dog?” are generally unhappy dog owners who resent their dog.  Whereas owners who have a trained dog are rarely stressed about their dog… confident their dog will behave in any situation.
  3. Eliminates Financial Repercussions:  Untrained dogs may chew on shoes or furniture, soil your carpet, or even worse bite someone.  All of these situations can be costly to a dog owner, which will once again cause resentment in your relationship with your dog.
  4. Training May Save Your Dog’s Life:  Dogs who are not properly trained are more likely to “runaway” from their owners or slip out of their leash.  If a dog were to do so near a busy street or intersection, there is a chance your dog could be hit by a car.  Trained dogs are less likely to run away simply because they will obey their owner’s commands and remain by their side.

If you have any questions about training your dog, we invite you to contact us here at Baxter’s K9 Complex for a free dog training evaluation.  Baxter’s offers professional dog training programs for dogs of all breeds and sizes in the St Louis and St Charles Missouri areas.