How to Train Your Dog to Sit

How to Train Your Dog to SitTraining your dog to sit is obviously one of the most common tricks a dog will learn. ¬†Baxter’s K9 Complex would like to give you streamlined process to accomplish this goal. ¬†Before we get to the process lets lay down a few general tips…

First off, you want to associate a word with an action. ¬†In this case you would associate “sit” with the action of your dog sitting.

Secondly, when first training your dog, you want to be sure to reward your dog with love (ex: good boy or girl) and/or a small treat every time the dog preforms the correct action on the word command.

Finally, hold short training sessions in different locations… the living room, kitchen, family room, or even outside… ¬†to acclimate your dog to different¬†environments. ¬†This will help your dog¬†respond¬†to commands when in the presence of company or other dogs.

Training Process:

  1. Grab a treat and get your dog’s attention.
  2. While standing, hold the treat right above it’s nose… do not allow your dog to jump up for the treat.
  3. With the treat right above the dog’s nose, with a clear tone repeat “sit”.
  4. If you dog does not immediately sit, slowly move the treat back towards its ears (so it goes over their head).
  5. As soon as your dog sits give the treat and give them some love!
  6. Repeat the successful process 5 to 10 times per training session.

Hold a few training sessions a few times a day for a week or two… your dog will start to sit on command without a treat.


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