the best methods to stop a chewing habitMany people believe that canine chewing is isolated only to puppies, but many older dogs also adore using their mouths as tools. Sometimes, the subject of their chewing might not be what you intended, and despite buying them every indestructible item in the dog toy aisle, they still gravitate toward something you love, like your sunglasses or sandals.

Dogs chew for a variety of reasons, often out of boredom, but sometimes because they’re teething and the chewing relieves some discomfort. First off, you need to determine why your dog is chewing and then you can take steps to help them stop. Here are some of the most common reasons why a dog might chew:

  • Not Being Taught Properly as a Puppy
  • Boredom
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Craving Attention
  • Fear Of Something

Fear-related chewing and separation anxiety issues are much more difficult to treat on your own, so you may need to consult a professional if you’re having trouble getting their chewing to stop. However, it’s worth a shot at working to manage the situation. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

  1. You Are Responsible For Your Items: If you leave shoes, sunglasses or the remote control strewn about your home, you really can’t blame your dog for chewing them up. Put things out of reach!
  2. Distinguish Your Dog’s Toys From Household Items: Old socks tied in a knot make great dog toys, but your pup might not be able to differentiate between the old sock you gave him and the new pair he picked up off your bedroom floor. The less confusion the better!
  3. Make Sure There Is Plenty Of Supervision: This can be tricky if you leave for work, but you need to make sure your pet is properly supervised. When you can’t keep an eye on him, make sure he is confined by a kiddie gate or in a crate. Find a place in your home that is dog-proof, and make sure it’s filled with plenty of fun dog toys.
  4. Ample Socialization is Key: Socialization for your pet with both humans and other dogs is key! It makes for a more relaxed and tired pet, which will help eliminate the urge to chew.

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