tips for easing dog anxietyJust like humans, dogs enjoy the company of others. We would love to be in their presence all the time but unfortunately there are places we have to venture without them. They may experience anxiety when you leave them home alone so it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Here are three methods on how to ease your furry friends stress and anxiety.

  • Physical Activity: You know those times when you want to tire a kid out, who is so full of energy, so they will go to bed by 8? Well dogs can be treated just the same. Taking your dog out for a walk or to play outside in the back yard is a good way to get their hyper energy out before you leave. If your dog is left home alone, hyper and with anxiety things could get ugly. A workout will calm your dog’s nerves and even result in a nap while you’re away.
  • Keep them entertained: If you don’t want your comfy couch chewed up then you have to keep them occupied. Leave out all of your pups’ favorite toys and anything else they love to play with. This will keep them distracted from thinking you have left them alone. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t leave out toys with treats inside because after they conquer their prize they will move on to the next best thing (your own toys). Your dog will also feel better if you leave an article of clothing that smells like you on their bed.
  • Hire a friend: There is plenty of dog lovers out there that would love to stop by on their lunch break to check up on your pet. Having someone come by, even for a little, will help you dogs anxiety while you’re gone. You could even think about hiring a dog walker just to get them out of the house and keep them from going crazy.
  • Leaving/Returning Tips: I know were all excited to come home to our pets after a long day but if you make it seem like its not a huge deal when you return, leaving will be easier for them. Make up a hand gesture or word that will communicate to your dog, “I’m leaving but ill be back soon”. They may still give you those sad puppy eyes but at least they are reassured its not permanent.

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