stay fit exercise with your dog st louisIf you are looking to get in shape there is no better way than exercising with your pet. Dogs require a lot of physical activity. Working out with them is an easy way for the both of you to stay healthy. It also makes for wonderful bonding time with your best friend. Follow these tips for staying fit with your pup.

What’s Best for Your Pet

Some breeds are full of energy and can run their heart out but your dog might not be the same way. Dogs with short legs or sunk-in noses have a tough time keeping up on runs. If you are the loving owner of a teacup Chihuahua, pug, or boxer then short walks are better. If you have a dog with longer legs that has some extra energy, they should do great on a run. Labs and retrievers will be able to keep right up with you.

If your dog has a high-energy personality, taking them on regular runs will reduce their wildness. A lot of vets recommend dogs with behavior issues should exercise to reduce their boredom and help them with stress.

Ways to Exercise

  • Walking is a simple, fun and easy way to get exercise. Its perfect for smaller dogs that cant keep up as well. You may think walking is boring so try out new adventures like a new park or different trails.
  • Running or jogging will allow your dog to let out a lot of energy. They will love to get out there and run free with you by their side. Its best for dogs with a high energy level.
  • Getting your dog involved in sports will help their social skills with other pets and people. It’s also a good way for them to learn structure and rules. Dog sports include: Agility, Flyball, and different obstacle courses.
  • Swimming keeps your dog active and cool at the same time. You can teach them how to fetch and doggie paddle in the pool or body of water.

Safety First

Before working out with your dog you should make sure you have everything you need. Bring along water for the both of you no matter what form of exercising your doing. During the summer, you should always run when the suns just coming up or going down. If you go out at night make sure you have illuminated strips attached to you and your dog. Don’t forget that your pup doesn’t have shoes, so watch out for the surface your running on. It could be too hot for their paws. Take plenty of breaks and frequently check on how your dog is doing. If they start panting, limping, or doing anything out of the ordinary you should stop immediately. Your safety and theirs is most important.

If you’re looking for more ways to stay fit and exercise with your dog we invite you to contact us for tips or to learn about our dog training services.