Pet Insurance: Worthwhile Investment or Waste of Money?

pet insurance is it worth it baxtersTaking care of the furry friends is often a top priority for pet owners, as they are seen as members of their families, which is why many may wonder whether or not it’s worth it to invest in pet insurance. There are a number of variables that go into whether health insurance for a four-legged friend is a good route to take, and they should be carefully considered before making a purchase.

Pet insurance policies typically work as human healthcare does with annual deductibles, copayments, exclusions and monthly premiums, and insurance plans vary based on the pet’s breed, age and more. In fact, some pets over a certain age are denied coverage altogether. Here are a few other restrictions pet owners should take into consideration:

Hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia in canines and kidney failure in felines are often not covered by insurance, as well as periodontal disease, which is incredibly common in household pets and is very preventable. What this means is that pets who are generally healthy may not need health coverage, but those who may have issues with their eyes or stomachs, for example, may need insurance so pet owners are partially or fully reimbursed for hospital visits.

Pet owners interested in purchasing insurance will not want to determine which plan to go with, and there are several available through carriers such as Veterinary Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Trupanion.

When looking for pet insurance, just like regular health insurance, it’s important to shop around. Some providers will cover different veterinarians in the area, others will cover illness-prone breeds.

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