Does My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?

The summer season is coming to an end and the august air has triggered many harsh allergies in the St. Louis area. If not treated, allergies can ruin your entire day, but did you know they could affect your pups just the same? Follow these guidelines to determine the signs, symptoms, treatments, and remedies for your dog.

Signs and Symptoms

  •  The most common symptom for dogs with seasonal allergies is allergic dermatitis, which is a condition of irritated skin. It can affect them on all parts of their body. You will notice them scratching, biting, chewing, licking, or rubbing against a hard surface constantly.
  • Other signs include red, watery eyes and red ears with odor or discharge. If they continue to feel displeasure without being treated it could lead to inflammation, infection, scabbing, and loss of hair.
  • Sometimes dogs can run into the same allergy symptoms as humans, so watch for a running nose, coughing, and sneezing.

Treatment and Remedies

  • The first and most important step to treating your pup is to visit your veterinarian. They might be able to tell you what exactly is causing this allergic reaction or if they’re having one at all.
  •  Pencil in regular baths. Not only will a clean dog keep your house free of allergens but also it will soothe their skin from the itchy torment. You should use a medicated or natural shampoo on their coat and brush it to prevent tangles. Be sure to rinse off their feet anytime they go in and out of the house.
  • Disinfect your home as much as possible. Wiping counters down with non-toxic household cleaners and frequent vacuuming will reduce the chance of allergens. Keep the windows closed, dust, run an air filter, and don’t smoke around them.
  • Improve their diet by giving them fresh foods in stainless or glass pet bowls and high doses of fish oils.
  • Keep them inside during the early mornings and late evening because these are times when pollen is high. Avoid grass when mowing, treated wood decks, and cedar dog houses.

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