dog safe travel ideas st louisIt’s the season for vacations and no one wants to leave their furry companion behind at home. You may be worried about how you’re going to travel or how to keep your dog as comfortable as possible during your trip, even if you’re just going for a ride around the town. Follow these tips to figure out what to pack and how to keep them safe and happy.

Safety and Comfort

If you don’t use your backseat that often then it isn’t necessary to keep it up. Fold your backseat down so your dog can have more room to lie down in the vehicle. Also, this helps to keep your seats clean of dog fur.

Dog seatbelts are a perfect way to ensure your dogs safety while traveling. It is just like any other harness they would wear for hiking, biking, or even if they have their own backpack. After purchasing your seatbelt you should let your dog sniff around it first. Its best that they get use to it so they know it isn’t used to hold them down but protect them. The seatbelt buckles are just as strong as the ones in the car for us. You can either strap it in to baggage tie-downs or right into the seatbelt. You can also adjust the measurement of the seatbelt strap to avoid collision or keep them away from the front seat.

Its important to keep your dog secure in the backseat. Some dogs prefer a lot of roam to stretch out and others feel better knowing they are safe, with less movement. If you would prefer to travel with your dog in a kennel, make sure it is comfortable, provide water and toys, and make sure you take breaks to let them run free. They could end up getting to hot or even sick in the kennel for too long.

Pet ID tags are the most important thing to a pet owner, not only at home but when you are traveling. It could be ten times worst if your dog were to escape in an area you don’t know. Neither of you would know how to get back to each other. On vacation a detailed identification tag with all your contact information would be ideal.

Things to Pack

Taking your dog along for the ride requires a lot of preparation. Just like you do for yourself, you should make a list of all the things you’ll need for your pet. Seat covers are perfect to protect your car. There are some seat covers that are made especially for pets. You can find ones that are water-resistant, scratch-durable, and they even come in a variety of colors. You could also use old towel or blankets. Keep in mind that you still have to monitor when your dog has to use the bathroom. You may have to take a couple pet-stops to prevent a mess. Sometimes, after a dog gets use to the movement of a car, they will take several naps but just like humans, dogs will get bored being in the car for too long. Provide your dog with their favorite chew toy to keep them occupied. Before going on a road trip with your pet, you should purchase a pet safety kit, filled with first-aid necessities just incase something were to happen. It is important to keep your special family member satisfied and right at home when they are in an unfamiliar place.

If you aren’t positive traveling with your dog is the best idea then bring your dog to us for our Dog Boarding Services. Our expert staff will provide a safe, fun home away from home for your pet while you’re away.

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