There’s no question that many dogs are not fond of water, and when you couple their fear of water with a sudsy shampoo and a loud blow-dry, it’s easy to see why so many dogs are fearful of having a bath. Even some of the traditional water-loving breeds can develop a negative taste if they associate water with bath time. That’s why it’s so important to create a fun and welcoming environment when you’re going to give your dog a bath.

Your attitude is everything, and your dog can easily sense your mentality, which affects the way they feel. If they’re running away from you and panting and drooling, getting upset is only going to up their anxiety level. One tip is to take your dog on a long walk before you begin their bath. This will help to reduce their energy level, and also cut down on their stress.

But other tips include being prepared, which means having all of the necessary items to bathe your pet at your fingertips. You don’t want to be running for the conditioner in the middle of their bath! If you’re bathing your pet in the bathtub, make sure you put down a non-slip rubber mat to help give them traction. The water should also be lukewarm to ensure maximum comfort.

And start with a gentle stream of water to allow your dog to get used to what’s going on. You can gradually increase the water flow, and start at the neck and shoulders and work your way down their body. Most dogs don’t prefer the water around their faces, so leave this part for last when they’ve had a chance to get accustomed to what’s going on. And if your dog becomes anxious or fearful at any time during the bath, remember that it’s your job to stay in control and comfort them. If you remain calm, your dog will know that there’s nothing to fear.

Once you’re done, towel dry your dog well and allow them to dry naturally inside. If you let them out into the yard, chances are, they will find a dirty place and you will be back to square one. Regular bathing and brushing is important, as it can help minimize shedding and also give you the opportunity to feel for unnatural lumps or bumps on your pet’s skin.

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