baxters k9 complex coping with dog's firework anxietyFor us the Fourth of July fireworks are a source of enjoyment and a way of celebrating, but they can cause anxiety for your dogs.   Some dogs dont have a problem with the sight and sound of fireworks. While to others that are not used to these it can be a stressful day for them. More dogs run away or are lost on the 4th of July than any other day. Take extra steps to ensure safety and keep a keen eye on them during the commotion, and make sure your dog is wearing proper identification.

Here are some tips to keep them calm and make it as an enjoyable holiday as possible.

  1. Make sure your dog is in a familiar place where the fireworks will not be loud and they can feel safe.
  2. If you can not take them away from the fireworks keep them in a travel kennel where they can feel safe, if possible have someone there that can keep the dog company.
  3. The best way to prepare for the fireworks would be by making the dog feel comfortable with the sound. This process will take up to three months so it can be something to work towards next year. The key is associating the sound of fireworks with enjoyable times to the dogs, for example play time or a walk.
  4. If you find it necessary to use medication or a thunder shirt introduce it to them before the anxiety sets in. These tools are intelectual things with the dogs and it takes the proper time for them to work.
  5. If you will be with the dog during the fireworks communication is very important. Letting the dog know that there is nothing to worry about, you must show it through your emotions. Your dog will look to its leader for how to react.

Ways to help all of these tips work is by wearing your dog out before the fireworks start, make sure to take them on a long walk and put them in a calm state. After the celebration of Independence Day is over, your dog will be happy you made it a less stressful experience. We hope this tips will make it an enjoyable holiday and we hope to see you soon at Baxter’s K9 Complex in St. Louis