can my dog swim baxters k9 complexThe summer heat is here to stay and we all desire dipping into a cool body of water. Bu what about your loving pup? They are part of the family and you want them to enjoy all of summer’s advantages too. Find out some water safety guidelines and if your dog is ready to splash around.

Breeds Born for the Water

  1. Newfoundland: With the help of their webbed feet, these dogs could easily win a metal in long-distance swimming.
  2. Chesapeake Bay Retriever: These dogs are known to be the toughest water retrievers ever and are named after their love for water.
  3. Irish Setter: These dogs are usually known for being helpful field dogs. It’s hard to get these active, hard working dogs out of the water.
  4. English Setter: Perfect for swimming because they require plenty of exercise and are easy to train because of how intelligent they are.
  5. Golden Retriever: These dogs adore the water and even have water-repellant coats.

Breeds Better Off On Land

  1. Pugs: Short snouts make it more difficult for them to breathe and they don’t have enough energy to swim on their own.
  2. Bulldogs: These dogs have very short legs, which wont support their paddling in the water.
  3. Maltese: They are known for having chills, arthritis, and rheumatism. Swimming could create concerns in their health issues.
  4. Dachshunds: These dogs also having short legs that are barley willing to paddle.
  5. Basset Hounds: They have short legs and dense bone structure. Perfect for hunting but not for the water.

Ready, Set, Splash!

Your dog loves the water and you think he/she would be fully capable of swimming? Now is your chance. Their first lessons should be in a kiddie pool or at least close to the steps or ladder of the body of water. If you want to slowly introduce your pup to the pool, try filling it with small amounts of water so your dog can get the refreshing feeling first. By bringing floating toys or treats with you, will teach the dog that swimming is fun. Guide your dog around the pool, tossing toys, and making him/her feel comfortable. Soon they will pick up natural instinct and you will have them doggy paddling in no time.

If your pups name was listed under the “Breed Better On Land” category but you still want your pup to swim, don’t fret! You can teach these little ones to swim, beginning in low levels of water. You could also purchase water wings for dogs. Yes I said water wings. These will provide extra safety and keep your little one from fearing the water.

If your still wondering about whether your dog can swim, give us a call at Baxter’s K9 Complex (636) 939-3000.